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Conscious or not?

Instead of thinking, we feel. We feel things going around in our lives and choose to let our heart do the thinking. In the midst of everyday life, there’s no silence to hold the sound of our thoughts.

Energy isn’t spent on thinking about the institutionalization of our thoughts to believe we’re inherently better than another being because of race. Instead direct that saved energy to emotionally react to the stories of bloodshed and blatant prejudice that can’t be missed. As humans, visual images stir a better narrative than our own thoughts and experiences, because the latter can’t be seen as clearly as the stories that the media feeds us. You can’t turn a blind eye to the scenes in the line of your vision, yet it’s extremely easy and often the case, that we ignore the crime scene inside our own heads. That of the murder of our conscious, thinking mind by our subconscious programming.

Unlike what we like to believe about ourselves, often going on and on about how self- aware we are, we are only conscious for 3 seconds of a whole minute. This translates into a simple fact – our life is being lived. Not by another being, but by our subconscious mind that automatically processes information and reacts, based on the existing formulas of thought, action and feelings we have fed it.

Much to our surprise, majority of this spoon feeding takes place before we’re blowing 7 candles on our birthday cakes. So by the time you’ve had a slice of your 8-year-old cake, you’ve already created the foundation on which new information is layered.

Why are we racist and unaware of it? Why do our actions betray our conscious thoughts? Why isn’t it enough to keep telling the world I’m not prejudiced or discriminatory, when my subconscious is proving otherwise? To answer this question with my own self-reflection, it’s the manipulation of this confusion, that is being taken advantage of by systems that we buy into.

Our lazy brains allow the gears to be controlled by ‘drivers’ who keep us safe. As long as we survive, it doesn’t matter who gets us home. Every time that we excuse our brains from engaging in conscious thought, from taking back control of the vehicle zig-zagging across the highway, we let the subconscious systems prevail. It’s easier to follow the rules, to listen to existing maps, to ask for directions. It’s less tiring to sit down than to walk.

If I choose to walk, I have to convince my subconscious it’s worth the energy. I have to face the reality- the problems and issues I go through in my everyday life; I have to understand the difference between good and bad. To tackle the traffic on the highways, the accidents on the road, I have to start by consciously choosing to take a different route. One that leads you back home – to the map of your own thoughts, that is clear only for 3 seconds, unless you choose to keep looking.

Based on what a certain psychologist made me realize, because sometimes you need a nudge in the right direction by someone else when your own conscious 3 seconds cannot be trusted, and more often that not, we all need it. Consider this my nudge to you, for everyone needs a helping hand!

Article By Poojan Bahel

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