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Peace for you; Peace for me

More often than not, we come across headlines about what celebrities are naming their children, what their children are wearing, where are they going and who are they meeting with. These ‘celebrity kids’ seem to have it all- fame, money and good looks. It’s what they’re born with and born in. But nowadays, with the exposure to social media, the ease with which someone can just say anything at all and get away with it, these kids get fiercely trolled and mocked for their everyday life choices that all of us ‘non- celebrity’ kids make as well. So is being born in a family of this sort, really a blessing? Being constantly nagged by the paparazzi and your every move being taken into account?

We often criticize celebrity children because they get opportunities easier than the layman sitting next to you, but really if we think about it, it’s us who make their job so much easier. We constantly look for information about them, we just HAVE to know what they’re up to, where they’re going and what not. Why is it that we obsess ourselves with them, disturbing our mental health; making them feel pressurized, disturbing their mental health. How easy it is for us to just pass a comment or judgement on what we see through the eyes of the media or something on the internet, regardless of what goes on behind the camera in their personal lives. Being born in a family isn’t a crime, and nor is taking advantage of an opportunity you’re blessed with, but the audience makes it hard for these children to grow the way they’re supposed to and get by without being judged for everything.

Think about how mad or annoyed you get when someone tells you what to do. Don’t you think in your head that nobody should be able to tell you how to live your life except for your instant family? And children from celebrity families have to go through this every single day, strangers telling them what they look nice in or how they should behave in public and the list goes on. If anything, as easy as their life could’ve been, would’ve been or even should’ve been, we’re constantly making it more difficult. Instead of making a stranger feel less than themselves, isn’t it more worthwhile to work on yourself?

Everybody is going through their own share of troubles, just because one sees the bright side and all things rosy on social media, that doesn’t necessarily mean everything is perfect. Instead of downgrading one another, let’s all try to make peace with ourselves and make each other feel better about themselves!

Exclusive Article : Poojan Bahel

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