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                           Khabar24 Express (SSD Media & Broadcasting)..

Khabar24 Express is one of the leading News Network..
We have a team of dedicated journalists/writers who are located in various parts of India. Our main [Khabar 24 Express] motto is to provide quality news to readers who rely on the internet for news and analysis of current events. A high-profile and interactive website, Khabar24 will bring together cutting edge news and in-depth knowledge. All delivery modes of news, information, interactivity, entertainment and networking are covered on one single platform – the internet.
Khabar24 Express therefore, is the coming together of ideas and technologies that will design, power and run all web endeavors of the company.

We understand that mobiles are fast becoming the tools of choice for both users and promoters. We are not only poised for utilizing this delivery platform, but also have the necessary depth to generate usable and profitable content.

Khabar 24 publishes news without any fear or bias and always upholds the ethics of Journalism and PRESS. We have a team of young, talented reporters, writers and Internet marketing professionals.
There are exclusive teams of professional people for News Development, Marketing.
We boast of reporters all over India, who bring news from across the nation.

Contact with us at:

: +91- 9654663551, 9654959006, 9654663577


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