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Jenna Jameson continues to flaunt stunning 80lb weight loss, see the pics

She welcomed daughter Batel in April of last year.

And since then Jemma Jameson has gone through a stunning weight loss journey, which she has been documented on her Instagram account.

The 44-year-old former adult film star has shared dozens of side-by-side comparisons of her post-baby body, highlighting her dramatic drop from from 187lbs to just 107lbs.

On Monday she shared her latest split photo, explaining to her 358k followers how she managed it.

Things that have helped me lose weight: I stopped snacking. I allow myself to get hungry. I walk to where I need to go. I stop eating when I’m satisfied,’ she explained.

The mom of three also revealed that she fasts between 6pm and 11am every day.

‘Purged my kitchen of all processed foods. I don’t feed my family processed food. I barely EVER eat out,’ she continued.

‘I accept that slow progress is PROGRESS. I take progress pictures to motivate me.

‘I consider eating as nourishing not as a reward. I adjust my food according to how my body is reacting. If I am stalled, I eat less calories or cut dairy. Most importantly, I treat myself with love and patience.’

One of Jenna’s swear-bys is the keto diet, similar to Atkins, which consists of lots of high fat foods and very few carbs.

Jenna shares Batel with boyfriend of three years Lior Bitton, for whom she converted to Judaism in order to marry.

She also has twin nine-year-old boys Jesse and Journey with MMA fighter ex Tito Ortiz.

Source : Daily Mail

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