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Prem Purnima Vrat 19-4-2019 and its procedures and Advantage

Prem Purnima Vrat celebrates on Purnima Tithi (full moon day) of Chaitra month( March-April month). On this auspicious day married gents practice fast for the divine love and well being of their beloved wives.
In the morning husband will lit the divine flame before the deity of Prem Purnima Devi and put an apple (As apple is the fruit eating which Havva got the knowledge of love) before it. A yantra of full moon (made of silver and depicting the Prem Purnima) will be embedded in that apple. A prasadam of Kheer(rice cooked in sweet milk) will also be prepared. Through out the day husband will observe the fast.

In the evening wife will eat a piece of the apple and put some kheer before the deity. Then husband and wife will bind a sacred thread of rainbow colour(symbol of seven births) at the wrist of each other. Husband then break his fast by eating remaining apple and kheer. Unmarried and widower gents will also observe the fast. They will bind one thread at their wrist and the other at the hand of Prem Purnima Devi. The other procedure remains same.
This vrat will provide all the material and spiritual comfort to the wife. The unmarried gents will marry to the lady having all the virtues. For widower, this vrat will provide spiritual well being of his dead wife’ soul.
This vrat celebrates every year. Those gents who loves their wives should definitely celebrate this vrat.

Sadguru Swami satyander satysahib ji

Jai Prem Purnima Devi.
Jai Satyaom Sidhhaye Namh:

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