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Bollywood Distributor/ Producer/ Director Dhananjay Galani is placing his valuable foot on Hollywood





Dhananjay Galani Prouduction and Actionfilm StockHolm Ab






Dhananjay Galani Exclusive Interview


On 31st October, celebrating the wonderful dusk, to ensure the success of the Hollywood film [in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu] “THE KILLER” Dhananjay Galani Prouduction and Actionfilm StockHolm Ab proudly launches Poster and Trailer with the presence of our Hollywood Producer – Henrik Koelman, Director – Anders Jacobsson, costume designer – Linda & Bollywood legendary Actor Sunil Pal, Anil Nagrath, Nataliya Kozhenova, Aroon Bakshi, Kishor Bhanushali, Yatin Karyekar, Mir Sarwar, Anup Singh Thakur, Rakesh Bedi, Ramesh Goyal, Vijay Patkar, Ruslaan Mumtaaz, Mushtaq Khan, Shiva Rindani, Adi Irani, Zuber Shaikh [Comedian], Pooja Gupta, Manoj Ahuja.

The killer, a movie that set a standard of how a real horror movie of its kind should be. That frightened several Hollywood audiences and portrayed the style of Swedish film making, Now from on October, takes its chance to frighten the brave people of India with its frightening visual shots and horrifying sound experience. The dark tone doesn’t make the film more “serious” though; it’s not pretentious in any way, and knows its own place.


The killer is an entertaining film where all you wait for is brutality, blood and beasts, which is delivered aplenty not long after the film’s opening sequences.

The Producer Anders Jacobsson probably wanted to distribute the film in India when it was marketed around most of the countries.


At the same time, Producer & Distributor Dhananjay Galani who had distributed more than 50 films in Bollywood and passionate in importing worthy foreign indie films, wanted to release a good Hollywood horror film in India, which is a major cause to make connection between both and release the film on End of December. Releasing date will be announced officially says by Dhananjay Galani.

Let’s Get ready for the great thrilling experience with the film”. The lead actors are Johanna Leamo as Sara, Lars Bethke as David and Alida Morber as Jenny and more justifying their role to make sure the audience are really terrified while watching their frightened reactions (scary performance).


The movie line goes like Sara is missed in search of her sister Jenny and ends up in Lonely Hotel located in a Lonely Road where the horror harasses her with its sharp scary tools. Will Sara find her sister or the horror consumes her the whole. The director has a special taste for blood. Makes the audience to think after watching the movie. rush into theatres to have the Swedish style of fearful experience and remember to get brave before entering the hall of scary flame.

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